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No electricity? No problem!

1st Spence Swiss: June 18th-July 23rd – NOTE DATE CHANGES

Because Beth Israel was without power on Tuesday night, we’re pushing the rounds for the 1st Spence Swiss back one week.  Round 2 will take place on July 2nd.   Round 3 will take place on July 9th.  There is no club meeting on July 16th.  Round 4, the final round, will take place on July 23rd.

Also, Mike Gooch will be ‘pinch hitting’ for me this coming Tuesday.  If you need to take a bye, contact him at mdgooch at, and CC me while you’re at it: jrhchess at

I’ll be back for round 3.  Play well!

Rabbi Gross blogs about us!

Rabbi Jonathan Gross, who leads the Beth Israel Synagogue and serves as the Chief Rabbi of the State of Nebraska, has written about the Spence CC on his blog!  Check it out!

1st Spence Swiss – Rd 1

Here are the result from Round 1:

1st Spence Swiss 1st Spence Swiss – Round 1                Pairing Sheet, Page 1

Board                     White                                 Black

101.   1.0  Knapp,Joseph (0.0,2021)           0.0  Schulze,Arnold A (0.0,1386)

102.   0.0  Gruber Iii, Richar (0.0,1355)     1.0  Slominski,Jerry (0.0,1900)

103.   1.0  Hartmann,John R (0.0,1764)        0.0  Oltman,Timothy L (0.0,1346)

104.   0.0  Suresh, Abhinav (0.0,1282)        1.0  Li,Brandon (0.0,1761)

105.   1.0  Stepp,John W (0.0,1753)           0.0  Reigenborn,Jonath (0.0,1048)

106.   0.0  Caplan,Eylon (0.0,521)            1.0  Dostal,Don J (0.0,1522)

107.   1.0  Nguyen,Don (0.0,1471)             0.0  Freed,Thomas (0.0,nnnn)

108.   0.0  Vazquez,Vincent (0.0,nnnn)        1.0  Hezel,Mitch (0.0,1390)

1st Spence Blitz!

Results from the 1st Spence Blitz!
1st place: Jacob Wagner
2nd – 5th Place: Ben Fabirkant, Tony Dutiel, Brandon Li, Alek Erickson
U1600: Mitch Hezel
U1300: Abhinav Suresh