1st Split Swiss – Rd 2

Results from round two of the 1st Split Swiss

11½Nicholas Lacroix4½Chad Forsman
2101Matthe Matuszeski20Joseph Knapp
33½Richard Knox5½Jr Gardner Richard
471Michael Mills80C Scott Look
590Craig T Askildson61John R Hartmann
110Marcus J Hammett41Gabe Hoffman
230Allan Wayne Easey21Luke O Hengen
380Elliot O’Hare51Samanvi Kantem
 6½Levi Hoffman  BYE
 71Clover Hengen  BYE

POTENTIAL pairings for the third and final round

11Nicholas Lacroix10Matthe Matuszeski
24Chad Forsman2Joseph Knapp
36John R Hartmann7Michael Mills
45Jr Gardner Richard8C Scott Look
 91Craig T Askildson  BYE
 3½Richard Knox  BYE
12Luke O Hengen4Gabe Hoffman
21Marcus J Hammett7Clover Hengen
35Samanvi Kantem3Allan Wayne Easey
46Levi Hoffman8Elliot O’Hare

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