The Jack Spence Chess Club meets most Wednesdays from 7-10pm at West Hills Church in Omaha, NE.   The club is named for Jack L. Spence (1926-1978), a longtime Omaha chess organizer.  Spence is well-known to chess historians and book collectors for his tireless effort to collect and publish important games of his day.  In a time before Chessbase and the Internet, it was only through the work of dedicated journalists such as Spence that the history of our beloved game is available to us today.

The Spence CC is, to our knowledge, the only venue providing weekly USCF rated chess events in the Omaha area.  The club will also host special events such as lectures and simuls depending on interest and opportunity.  Our mission is to serve as the center for serious chess play and culture in Omaha.

Note: this is not a scholastic club. Children playing at tournament levels are welcome, but we expect the same decorum and level of behavior from them as we expect from adults.

Visitors are always welcome. For those who cannot commit to entire tournaments, filler games may be available. Rated matches may be arranged.  Players are responsible for providing their own equipment and writing instruments. Scoresheets will be provided.

Smoking is forbidden at the Spence CC.

Directions to West Hills Church can be found via Google Maps: