Info for Players

There is no membership fee to join the Spence CC at this time.  We may revisit this decision in the future.  Lectures and simultaneous exhibitions may require a entry fee.

Proper etiquette and sportsmanship are expected of all players and spectators.

All tournaments, unless otherwise noted, are USCF rated and require USCF membership.  Pairings are done by the computer and, barring clerical error, cannot be altered by the director.  Please note that in most cases the director will also be playing in Spence CC events.

Registration for all tournaments is from 6:30-7:00 on the first night of the event.  Pre-entry is available.

Half point byes: The Spence CC allows half-point byes.  The number of byes will vary in each tournament.  A player who doesn’t request a bye and fails to appear for his or her game will be charged with a forfeit loss and a $5 fine. Players who wish to late-enter a tournament may do so by paying the late entry fee; they will receive half-point byes for each round up to the maximum number allowed.  Players should notify the director via email that they require a bye as soon as possible, and no later than 6pm on the day of the bye.  There are no byes in round robin events.  Last round byes must be requested in the first half of the tournament and are irrevocable.