2nd Spence Swiss – Rd 2

Lots of draws this week! Also, a reminder: please let the TD know if you’re not going to show up. No-showing is rude and deprives your opponent of a game. You also have to pay a fine before you can play at the Spence again.

2nd Spence Swiss 2nd Spence Swiss – Round 2 Pairing Sheet, Page 1

Board White Black

101. 0.5 Hartmann,John R (1.0,1764) 0.5 Cusumano, Steven J (1.0,1918)

102. 0.5 Dutiel,Tony (1.0,1850) 0.5 Stepp,John W (1.0,1734)

103. 0.5 Suresh,Abhinav (0.5,1282) 0.5 Freed,Thomas (1.0,1115)

104. 1.0 Dostal,Don J (0.0,1522) 0.0 Gruber Iii, Richar (0.0,1355)

105. F1.0 Schulze,Arnold (0.0,1386) F0.0 Mullen,Nicholas J (0.0,1273)

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