8th Action – Rds 1-3

Lots of action in the 8th Action after Rd 3! Standings below:

Standings. 8th Action: Action
#    Name    Rtng    Rd 1    Rd 2    Rd 3    Tot
1    Roberto Ferro    unr.    W5    W3    D2     2.5
2    Abhinav Suresh    1914    D4    W5    D1     2.0
3    Michael L Mills    1758    W6    L1    W4     2.0
4    Mack Williams Jr    1674    D2    W6    L3     1.5
5    John R Hartmann    1749    L1    L2    W6     1.0
6    Steven Behrens    1391    L3    L4    L5     0.0

Ferro will not be available for rds 5-6, and Williams may not make it back from TX in time. If that happens, we may abandon the 8th Action where it stands and play a four person quad. More details Monday night.

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