2016 Club Ch – Results

Congrats to John Hartmann for his first Spence Club Championship! He finished with 5/6, a full point ahead of Roberto Ferro, who finished in clear second with 4/6. Scott Look took the U1700 prize and Mick Anzalone won the U1400 prize.

Round 6 results:

Bd    Scr    White    Scr    Black
102.    1.0    Hartmann,John R (4.0,1818)    0.0    Mills,Michael (2.0,1682)
103.    1.0    Look,Scott (2.0,1610)    0.0    Dutiel,Tony (3.5,1812)
104.    1.0    Kanike,Uday Kumar (2.5,1832)    0.0    Anzalone,Mick (1.0,1365)
0.5    Ferro jr, Roberto (3.5,1880)    BYE    REQUESTED
0.5    Raines,David T (3.0,1751)    BYE    REQUESTED

Link to the ratings report:


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