US Open

Jack Spence was a stalwart figure in the history of chess preservation.  He printed bulletins for numerous events, saving thousands of games from the dustbins of history.

Now I’m trying to do the same thing.

Games from contemporary US Opens are preserved only if they appear on the top boards (via DGT or Monroi) or if they are uploaded to Monroi by an individual player.  Such lack of interest in preserving the games from these events is, to me, troubling.  So I’ve taken it upon myself to try to collect as many games as I can and send them to TWIC and Chessbase for publication.

Email your games to using .pgn files.  Attach the .pgn file to your e-mail.

Format the name of the file as follows:
PGN file name: whiteplayer_blackplayer_round_result.pgn

Or send them all after the tournament ends (within 10 days of the event ending)!
Use the file name: lastname_firstname.pgn

Don’t forget to attach the pgn file to your email!

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