2013 Club Ch – Rd 2!

The story of Round 2 was the draw between Abhinav Suresh and John Linscott on Board 1.  Linscott struggled to break through Suresh’s defenses for many moves; when he was able to create a potential breach, he was too short of time to find the winning move (46…Qd1+) and so acceded to Suresh’s draw offer in mutual time trouble.  Linscott was able to take his revenge against Suresh, however, in this weekend’s Great Plains Open.

In other news, Tony Dutiel has been playing some very good chess recently, and his Round 2 win against Steven Cusumano, coupled with his tie for first at the Great Plains Open, makes him a force to be reckoned with in this tournament.  Dutiel played his pet 8.Qf3 variation in the Two Knights and won in 31 moves.  David Sparks showed that he knew how to use pins in his win versus Eylon Caplan, fracturing White’s kingside defences and launching a quick mating attack.  Dan Wolk, despite his long-dormant bishop, managed to squeeze out a win against Jon Reigenborn.

There are rumors that two more combatants might join us tonight.  We’ll see!


Bd        Scr       White                                        Scr       Black

1.      0.5        Suresh,Abhinav (1.0,1396)         0.5        Linscott,John (1.0,1821)

2.      1.0        Stepp,John W (1.0,1782)           0.0        Gruberiii, Richar (1.0,1371)

3.      0.0        Forsling, Brendan (1.0,810)        1.0        Hartmann,John R (1.0,1730)

4.      1.0        Dutiel,Tony (0.5,1813)                0.0        Cusumano, Steven (0.5,1836)

5.      0.0        Reigenborn, Jonath (0.0,1214)    1.0        Wolk,Dan H (0.0,1385)

6.      1.0        Freediii, Thomas (0.0,1330)        0.0        McElderry, John (0.0,1146)

7.      0.0        Caplan,Eylon (0.0,571)               1.0        Sparks,David  Owe (0.0,1328)

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