8th Swiss – Rd 1

Results from Rd 1 of the 8th Spence Swiss:

Pairings for Round 1. 8th Spence Swiss: Swiss
Bd    Res    White    Res    Black
1    1     Joseph Knapp    0     Michael L Mills
2    0     Scott Look    1     Abhinav Suresh
3    1     Steven J Cusumano    0     Arnold Schulze
4    0     Steven Behrens    1     John R Hartmann
5    1     Mack Williams Jr    0     Bruce T Dolan
6    0     Michael Patr Lang    1     Tony Dutiel
7    1     John W Stepp    0     Ryan Roberts

PRELIMINARY Pairings for Rd 2 (Dutiel withdraws, add Opavsky)

Pairings for Round 2. 8th Spence Swiss: Swiss
Bd    Res    White    Res    Black
1           John R Hartmann           Joseph Knapp
2           Abhinav Suresh           Mack Williams Jr
3           John W Stepp           Steven J Cusumano
4           Michael L Mills           Rene Opavsky
5           Bruce T Dolan           Scott Look
6           Arnold Schulze           Michael Patr Lang
7           Ryan Roberts           Steven Behrens

5 responses to “8th Swiss – Rd 1

  1. I’d love to see some of the games posted. Perhaps you could take a quick picture of the winners game scores and post the images?

  2. We have a bulletin available every week at the club.

  3. Great! Could you link them on the website?

  4. Sadly, I have yet to make it to the club but I enjoy seeing the games of fellow players I have known in the past. Doug Grande still around? I saw Tony Dutiel started and withdrew. Whats up Tony?

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