8th Swiss – Rd 2

Results from Rd 2 of the 8th Spence Swiss:

Bd    Res    White    Res    Black
1    0     John R Hartmann    1     Joseph Knapp
2    1     Abhinav Suresh    0     Mack Williams Jr
3    0     John W Stepp    1     Steven J Cusumano
4    0     Michael L Mills    1     Rene Opavsky
5    0     Bruce T Dolan    1     Scott Look
6    0     Arnold Schulze    1     Michael Patr Lang
7    0     Ryan Roberts    1     Steven Behrens

TENTATIVE pairings for Rd 3:

Pairings for Round 3. 8th Spence Swiss: Swiss
Bd    Res    White    Res    Black
1           Joseph Knapp           Steven J Cusumano
2           Rene Opavsky           Abhinav Suresh
3           Scott Look           John R Hartmann
4           Mack Williams Jr           Steven Behrens
5           Michael Patr Lang           John W Stepp
6           Bruce T Dolan           Michael L Mills
7           Ryan Roberts           Arnold Schulze

One response to “8th Swiss – Rd 2

  1. I stopped by the club tonight for the first time to watch a few of the tournament games and the site is great. Well lit and very quiet. More important, everyone was very friendly to this newcomer. I showed up about 9 and watched the final ten minutes of three pretty exciting games.

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