2022 Club Ch – Rd 3

Results from the third round of the 2022 Club Championship

03101.0.0Look, C Scott (2.0,1606)1.0Lacroix, Nicholas Paul (3.0,2055)
03102.0.0Mills, Michael (1.5,1673)1.0Hartmann, John R (2.5,1778)
03103.0.0Lukassen, Travis J (1.0,nnnn)1.0Cusumano, Steven Joseph (2.0,1919)
03104.0.0Seetharaman, Rakshith (1.0,357)1.0Forsman, Chad (2.0,1767)
03105.0.5Bloomingdale, Kyson Pat (1.5,1338)0.5Matuszeski, Matthew Dou (1.5,1302)
03106.1.0Dutiel, Tony (1.5,1783)0.0Hoffman, Gabe (0.0,nnnn)
031.0Nelson, William Thomas (1.0,nnnn)BYE
030.5Brunswick, Aidan (0.5,nnnn)BYEREQUESTED
030.5Suresh, Abhinav (2.0,1936)BYEREQUESTED

POTENTIAL pairings for round four: **Gabe, you get the bye, but I should have a game for you. Please attend.***

04101.xxxLacroix, Nicholas Paul (3.0,2055)xxxHartmann, John R (2.5,1778)
04102.xxxCusumano, Steven Joseph (2.0,1919)xxxSuresh, Abhinav (2.0,1936)
04103.xxxForsman, Chad (2.0,1767)xxxLook, C Scott (2.0,1606)
04104.xxxBloomingdale, Kyson Pat (1.5,1338)xxxDutiel, Tony (1.5,1783)
04105.xxxMatuszeski, Matthew Dou (1.5,1302)xxxMills, Michael (1.5,1673)
04106.xxxBrunswick, Aidan (0.5,nnnn)xxxSeetharaman, Rakshith (1.0,357)
04EXTRAxxxHoffman, Gabe (0.0,nnnn); 1 pt byexxxHengen, Luke (new)
040.5Lukassen, Travis J (1.0,nnnn)BYEREQUESTED
040.5Nelson, William Thomas (1.0,nnnn)BYEREQUESTED

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