2022 Club Ch – Rd 4

Results from Round 4

04101.0.0Lacroix, Nicholas Paul (3.0,2055)1.0Hartmann, John R (2.5,1778)
04102.1.0Cusumano, Steven Joseph (2.0,1919)0.0Suresh, Abhinav (2.0,1936)
04103.1.0Forsman, Chad (2.0,1767)0.0Look, C Scott (2.0,1606)
04104.0.0Bloomingdale, Kyson Pat (1.5,1338)1.0Dutiel, Tony (1.5,1783)
04105.0.0Matuszeski, Matthew Dou (1.5,1302)1.0Mills, Michael (1.5,1673)
04106.1.0Brunswick, Aidan (0.5,nnnn)0.0Seetharaman, Rakshith (1.0,357)
041.0Hoffman, Gabe (1.0,nnnn)BYE
040.5Lukassen, Travis J (1.5,nnnn)BYEREQUESTED
040.5Nelson, William Thomas (1.5,nnnn)BYEREQUESTED

TENTATIVE pairings for Round 5 — KYSON, we should have a game for you

05101.xxxHartmann, John R (3.5,1778)xxxForsman, Chad (3.0,1767)
05102.xxxCusumano, Steven Joseph (3.0,1919)xxxLacroix, Nicholas Paul (3.0,2055)
05103.xxxDutiel, Tony (2.5,1783)xxxMills, Michael (2.5,1673)
05104.xxxSuresh, Abhinav (2.0,1936)xxxLook, C Scott (2.0,1606)
05105.xxxMatuszeski, Matthew Dou (1.5,1302)xxxLukassen, Travis J (1.5,nnnn)
05106.xxxNelson, William Thomas (1.5,nnnn)xxxBrunswick, Aidan (1.5,nnnn)
05107.xxxSeetharaman, Rakshith (1.0,357)xxxHoffman, Gabe (1.0,nnnn)
051.0Bloomingdale, Kyson Pat (1.5,1338)BYE

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