13th Swiss – Rd 1

Results from round one of the 13th Swiss

111Nicholas Lacroix110Matthe Matuszeski
2120Gary C Slominski21Abhinav Suresh
331Tony Dutiel130Raksh Seetharaman
4140Luke O Hengen41Chad Forsman
551Steven J Cusumano150Gabe Hoffman
6160Levi Hoffman61Ryan Peng Dong
771Jerry Slominski170Travis J Lukassen
8180Jared Klahn91Michael Mills
9101C Scott Look190Allan Wayne Easey

POTENTIAL pairings for Rd2 as of 6pm, Wednesday

12Abhinav Suresh8Jerry Slominski
27Ryan Peng Dong3Tony Dutiel
34Chad Forsman11C Scott Look
410Michael Mills5Steven J Cusumano
56Joshua Fernandes9John R Hartmann
612Matthe Matuszeski13Mick Anzalone
719Travis J Lukassen14Gary C Slominski
815Raksh Seetharaman18Levi Hoffman
921Allan Wayne Easey16Luke O Hengen
1017Gabe Hoffman20Jared Klahn
 1½Nicholas Lacroix  BYE

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